Ready to Bike!

June 30, 2008 at 8:39 am (Personal)

I have good and bad news about Pedro’s world today. Let’s start with the good: My cold is gone! It lasted about a week and a half. I think things got complicated with my sinuses because the last three days I just had something that felt like sinus headache. This had not happened to me before and that’s why I’m not sure what was going on.

On the down side, even though my bike is back from the shop, it still need some tuning. I now realized the front break disk is a little wobbly, so the break pads rub on each side =(. I tried to bend it back with my hands but I made it worse and it took me forever to get it back to where it was. But the rubbing is not too bad so I’ll take it out for a spin and see how it goes.

Also, my new Shimano Deore crank set is a little stiff. The guys at the shop said it needed to be broken in but I really don’t believe them, we’ll see how it goes after a couple of rides.

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Terrible Cold

June 24, 2008 at 5:49 pm (Uncategorized)

So I got a nasty cold that started wednesday night. I called in sick on Thursday thinking that was going to be the worst day. But nope, I was miserable all friday and Saturday. On Sunday I just felt terrible (which is better than miserable). Monday I drugged myself to work and I worked drug-free today, but I’m definitely not ok.
To make things worse, my bike is already home from the shop after my last wreck and I can’t ride it!!

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Carol got a job!

June 9, 2008 at 9:57 am (Uncategorized)

Ok, I’ve been blogging too much today so I’ll make this quick…

2 weeks ago, Carol got a job at an interior design firm that works with hotels called Linc Hospitality. We thought about whether she should take the job or not because she has not finished school but we decided this was an excellent opportunity for Carol since this is exactly what she wants to do when she graduates. Right now carol has an easy load at school so she can study full time. In about 4 months, she might start working only part time; they are ok with that at Linc.

The job is in Farmington, that is about 40 miles north from my house. So carol is now a commuter and we’re thinking about getting a second car. Our 1994 Mazda broke last week and it was a nightmare for her.

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25 feet roll

June 9, 2008 at 9:51 am (Personal)

So this Saturday I went biking like all Saturdays. My rib is now almost 100% healed so I was not riding easy any more.

I was going down a not-so-steep hill where you could still pedal in your highest gear to get some extra speed. The hill was grassy and the trail was narrow. My pedals were rubbing the grass on the sides of the track as I pedaled. Suddenly one of my pedals hit the tip of a big, buried rock. The tip of the rock was not visible because of the grass and I was going 23 miles per hour. As you can already tell, things were not looking so good there.

The rock broke my pedal (which is like a small brick of metal, they are the stiffest pedals I have seen). And that made me entirely lose control. The bike went to the left side a little and my body kept going forward. I hit the ground first with my right hip bone and began rolling. I rolled for a while in fetal position so my back, elbows, and shoulders took most of the hit. I remember trying to stop the roll with one of my feet but I was going too fast that it only made me get some air and keep rolling. I rolled for about 25 feet. My bike rolled for about 18 feet.

Justin and Nick were a little behind so they did not see the fall. There was a guy hiking with his girlfriend and dogs that helped me align my front wheel which had a broken spoke. The guy did a great job given the circumstances and explained that he was also a biker. He seemed like a hardcore biker.

I think I’ve learned my lesson now. My bike is pretty powerful but I should respect the trail a bit more and allow some margin for error when I ride. I promised Carol I would ride safer.

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Cracked Rib

June 9, 2008 at 9:31 am (Personal)

On June of last year (April 26, 2007) I bought my poweful Specialized FSR XC Pro. It’s a full suspension (front and back tires) bike. I’ve wanted a bike like this one since I began biking a long long time ago (15 years old?).

But with great power comes great responsiblity. On April 26 of this year I cracked a rib on the downtown trails. It was on one of the trails close to the Hogle Zoo; on the east side of the map (I added a landmark to it if you want to look for it).

I cracked the rib when underestimating a curve. I was going full speed and did not begin breaking until I was in the middle of it. I remember trying to make the turn breaking very lightly with my rear break but I was going so fast that both tires started skidding. At that point I knew I was not going to make it and stopped turning hard and began using both breaks to stop as much as possible.

When getting off the curve I had to "landing" options. I could go in a ditch full of dried, pointy, tree branches or I could hit a tree. I decided to go for the tree still thinking I was going to be able to take most of the impact with my right arm. But when I was close to the tree, I tried placing my hand on it and I was too close so I took a lot of the impact with my forearm. But even after doing that, my lower body still had a lot of momentum and that made me hit the tree with my right torso after the bike had completely stopped in a brush in front of the tree.

Since the rib was only cracked, I did not realize something was broken until 2 weeks after the accident when it was clear it was not just a bruise.

Three weeks later (May 18), I still went to the legendary Slick Rock Trail but had to take it easy even though it was my first time there =(.

The trail is as unique and awesome as they say. I now agree that this is one of the best mountain biking trails in the world. Click here to find my Biking in Moab photo album where you can see some slick rock trail pics (among others).


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To blog or not to blog…

June 9, 2008 at 8:47 am (Uncategorized)

Ok, I’ll blog.
I don’t think my blog will be technology oriented. It’s main purpose is to let my friends know what I’m up to. My friends from Guatemala are clueless as to what I’m up to (I’ve been in the US for almost 5 years!) and I’m also loosing touch with some of my friends from the US.
So stay tuned!
– Pedro

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