First Snow Storm

October 28, 2009 at 11:00 am (Personal)

We had our first decent snow storm yesterday. Fall in Utah is sooo crazy.. I was biking on Sunday! It was chilly but good for biking.

I’m now starting to run around my neighborhood. We’ll see if I can keep that up through the winter. So far it does not feel too cold.

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Will do a Cyclocross race

October 26, 2009 at 11:14 am (Personal)

Just to try it out, my biking friends and I will do a Cyclocross race this coming Saturday . It looks messy and fun. We’ll do it with our mountain bikes; none of us have a cyclocross bike.

It will rain and snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. So the terrain conditions will be somewhere between this


and this


But I’m sure it will be cold. Can you tell I don’t like being cold?

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Bike Videos

October 26, 2009 at 10:24 am (Personal)

I’ve promised you guys a lot of bike videos. They are finally here. I have a lot so I’ll place mine at the top, followed by others (some taken yesterday) in order of coolness

Here are my two videos of when I did the Jump into a pond in Alpine:

And this is me going through The Spine in the Wasatch Crest trail. The majority of riders take it on the lower side. This year, I started taking it on the higher, most difficult side:

Daren got a helmet cam! I took this vid of him yesterday going down Jacob’s Ladder:

I also got Cody yesterday going down Ghost falls:

I also got Shaun for a little while but the video is not worthy of The Machine, we need to get him on camera the next time we ride.

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Getting cold for biking

October 23, 2009 at 10:23 am (Personal)

The trails are now quite cold if you hit them after work; but that is not stopping us… for now.

Daylight savings time will end on November 1st, the clock will go back one hour. Right now it is dark around 7pm. After nov 1st it will be dark at 6pm, which screws up our after-work rides for good.

We’ll still ride ride on the weekend for some time, we’ll see how long we can keep at it.

We went biking yesterday to Draper and it was not too cold until we got to higher altitudes, by that time I was wearing my knee warmers, arm warmers, head band to keep the ears warm, and a windproof jacket. And i was still cold!

I had full finger gloves and my fingers were extremely cold. The gloves were not winter-riding gloves though.

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Reading the web.config credentials with C#

October 23, 2009 at 10:11 am (Computer Science)

If you have a section such as this in your ASP.NET web.config:

<authentication mode="Forms">
  <!-- 525600 mins = 1 year -->
  <forms cookieless="UseCookies" timeout="525600">
    <credentials passwordFormat="Clear">
      <user name="jdoe" password="jdoesPassword" />
      <user name="mrFancypants" password="fancyPassword" />

You can access the user credentials via C# with the following code

var webConfig = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration("~");
var authSection = (AuthenticationSection)webConfig.GetSection("system.web/authentication");
var user = authSection.Forms.Credentials.Users["jdoe"];

// Check if the user exists and if the passwords match
if (user == null || user.Password != "aPasswordHere")
    throw new ApplicationException(notAuthMessage);

I hope this will save you some time!

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Finally done moving out!

October 19, 2009 at 4:05 pm (Personal)

We had the massive move on Tuesday last week. Friends helped us out with muscle, taking good care of our stuff, and they even brought their trailers so I didn’t have to rent a truck for the move. It rained on us for a while and nobody even mentioned it. I’m lucky to have you guys in my life, many thanks! I’ll be there when you need me too.

This past weekend Carol and I still had to do some “minor” things that took a ton of time, like 5 to 6 hours each day. I had to remove my projector wirings that went through the ceiling and had tons of screws, we removed all the nails where we hung pictures, mirrors, etc. And we fixed all these and painted all of that and the spots on the walls that we messed up like where I hung my bike and my derailleur and handle bar rubbed it.

We also had to pack the walking closet and some kitchen cabinets. We did not have time to pack these for the massive move.

And of course, the vacuuming and cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, etc…

But we’re finally over with the move-out part. Now we’re focusing on the move-in. We still have not unpacked anything other than the essentials. We need to hook up the washer and dryer. We’re about to run out of clean clothes, but we need to go to Lowe’s and get one of those dryer vent tubes to connect the dryer outlet to the hole in the wall… I could go on and on with things like these, but in short, we we’re looking at at least 3 weeks of settling in the house.

But settling in is a lot more fun than moving out =). We want to take our time and do it right. We’ll be living here for a long time.

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I’m a home owner!

October 13, 2009 at 3:08 pm (Personal)

It’s official, Carol and I owe a home! Yeah!!!

We’re moving to it in a couple of hours with the help of friends. Gotta go organize boxes!!

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Utah Home Purchase Grant not for non-immigrant workers

October 9, 2009 at 4:05 pm (Personal)

There have been two Utah Home Purchase Grants this year. One for $6,000 that ran out about 2 months ago and another one that is still going for $4,000.

We started building our home when the first grant was running out so we were not able to get it. And our home is being completed now that the $4,000 is available.

Both times Carol and I got excited about the grants being there and I guess it was for nothing. As you probably know, I’m a non-immigrant worker. I’ve been in Utah for a little over 6 years, helping the economy and feeling it come down.

By purchasing my house, I’m helping kick-start the economy but I’m not eligible for the Utah grant.

That is what sucks about being a minority; we are always forgotten. There are not many non-immigrant workers in the US. I’m pretty sure there’s more illegal workers than non-immigrant workers.

If the guy crafting the rules for the grant gave some serious thought about non-immigrant workers, he would have concluded it makes sense to give the money to us. Even though most non-immigrants will return to their home country, they will be in Utah for years and what is wrong with buying a house, living on it for years and then selling it? You’re still helping the economy by buying the house from a US builder.

But since we’re a minority, nobody thinks hard about our situation and we’re never included in the prestigious “citizen or resident” group.

I hope I at least get the $8,000 “First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit”. I pay taxes just like any American “citizen or resident”. If you care about me, think of me getting that tax credit, send me some good vibes over here.

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Getting cold for biking

October 8, 2009 at 7:36 pm (Personal)

Biking season is about to end… =(

We went biking after work yesterday to the usual Draper loop and it got really cold at the top of the mountain. I’m glad I had my knee warmers, full finger gloves, and a light sweater. I think I’ll still be able to bike for one more month but it will be cold.

I’ve had a mild cold for a little over a week. I was afraid that yesterday’s ride was going to turn it to one of those monster colds. But to my surprise, I actually feel a lot better today.

I think I’ll do a triathlon that a friend of mine is organizing . It’s a short one, but I have not really trained running or swimming. We’ll see how it goes.

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House Update: The house is ready!

October 8, 2009 at 7:25 pm (Personal)

Yep, it is done! We were supposed to close on the deal tomorrow but things got a bit delayed and it seems like we’re going to do it Tuesday next week.

The good news is that the underwriters have given us the Final Approval on the loan; this means that there is nothing in the way from us getting the house.

The closing process takes a while so we’ll be moving into our house in about a week to a week and a half. Actually, I’m hoping we get the keys before Saturday next week because I already have the movers scheduled.


Click here to view the latest pictures!

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