Ironman Update: Things are looking tough

January 26, 2010 at 11:46 am (Personal)

I’ve been reading about Ironman training best practices. I think this is the best article I’ve found. It is short and extremely informative. The only thing it does not talk about is diet.

I had no idea what intervals and tempo runs were and it is a a very important part of the training. The article says you should do an interval run (slow, fast, slow, fast), a tempo run (warm-up, goal pace, slow), and a long run each week. It also introduces the Transition Run which also makes sense and should happen after the long bike ride.

I’m currently running 4 times a week and I’m just measuring the distance I’m doing. Tuesday and Thursday I’m doing an 8 mile run and Sat an Sun I do a 3 mile run. This totals 22 miles which is not bad but I’m not doing it right: no tempo runs or intervals and I’m splitting the long run in two. I do the long runs on Tues and Thurs because they are convenient for me, I don’t think I’ll change the distance there, but that’s where I’ll do the interval and tempo runs.

I already started running “smarter” but to really do it right i need to get a watch that will tell me my pace. You can feel the pace but there is nothing better than knowing exactly your pace. I’m getting the watch in a week or so.

Well, and this is just the running part. You also need to swim 3 days a week 1hr/day . And bike, there has to be a day of the week that you do a 4 hr bike ride, plus some more biking on other days. And here I was thinking that I was only going to train 4 times a week… The swim is the part that worries me the most. I’m waiting until they open the daybreak pool (april?) to start doing my laps.

And besides the running watch, there many other gear expenses. Besides maintaining my mountain bike (which needs new rims) I now need to maintain my commuter bike (which I would like to swap for a road bike but that won’t happen), bike gear, running shoes, clothes for running in the cold, open water swim suit, and the list goes on … The good thing is that some of these expenses are a one time thing  or at least they won’t all wear out at the same time in the future. The bad thing is that with mountain biking I learned that expensive gear is really better, longer-lasting gear; I don’t want to get the cheap stuff.

The ironman is about a year and a half out, I need to be disciplined on my training. The good thing is that I like street running, and I think I’ll love trail running once weather permits. I love mountain biking and I’ll keep doing that (interval training?) plus some road biking to get the feel of it. Now swimming,,,, I’ll just do it 3 hrs a week because I don’t want do drown in the middle of a lake; well, and I think it’s alright, I don’t dislike it.

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My workout goals for 2010 and 2011

January 14, 2010 at 8:43 pm (Personal)

Well, I figured if I tell you guys I won’t be backing out =)

This year I want to … wait… I WILL run a marathon and a half-ironman. Next year I WILL do an Ironman.

I’ll do the Utah Half Ironman on Aug 8 and the the St. George Marathon in Oct 2 .Besides that here are the other events I might do for fun (will do most of them).

Mar 20 Canyonlands Half Marathon
Apr 17 Timp Triathlon (small triathlon)
May 22 Timp Trail Marathon and Half-m
Jun 18-19 Ragnar Relay Logan to Park City
Aug 8 Utah Half Ironman
Aug 14 Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race
Sep 10 Red Rock Relay
Oct 2 St. George Marathon
Nov 6 Turkey Triathlon

Note that there is a Maraton on May 22, the Trim Trail Marathon. I was thinking of only doing the half marathon there but all my friends are doing the marathon and they are convincing me to do it… I might but I’m only running close to 8 miles now. A marathon is 26 miles… It’s a trail meaning that you run in dirt on the mountain trails; you run slower and they say that makes the 26 miles easy…. I don’t know about that…

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Running from work to home

January 14, 2010 at 8:33 pm (Personal)

This week I ran from work to my house on the two days that carol goes to school. She has to be at school at 6, I leave work at 5, and we share one car. I could get to my house in the car but it would be a bit tight specially if there is traffic and I’m going to run either way so I might as well train this way reducing stress and saving some gas; there is nothing greener than burning the burrito you had for lunch.

I’m still exploring the nicest way to my house. The first time I took 10600 S, that sucked because there is roadwork for a ton of miles so there was no sidewalk; I had to run on the street.

Today, the second time, I mapped my route in Google Maps and It was a ton better; I took 11800 S. And next week I’ll test this route. It’s pretty much today’s route but a bit refined. It avoids small areas where there is no sidewalk or where the sidewalk is not shoveled.

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Pics from Guatemala

January 7, 2010 at 4:33 pm (Personal)

Here are the pictures I promised on my previous post. I took less pictures than usual but they were still too many. It took me a lot of time to go through them and choose which ones to upload to the web.

Click on the image below to access the Semuc Champey pictures:


Click on this one for beach pictures:


And this is how the VIP movie theatre looks like:


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Back from Guatemala

January 6, 2010 at 5:25 pm (Personal)

Being in Guatemala for the holidays was definitely the right thing to do for me. I was there for 3 full weeks and I spent most of the time at my mom’s house. My mom worked some of the days I was there but my sister Paulina was there all the time. And my cousin and aunt from Canada staid there and my brother that lives in Prague was also staying there. My cousin that lives in Florida was also in Guatemala, he staid at his parent’s place.

As you can see, family members came from all over and we wanted to get together as much as possible. We did many things together from going to the movies in a “small” group of 6 to going to the beach for 3 nights in a group of 27. I’ll upload pictures soon.

Ohh yeah, we even had some extended family come from Prague as well. Cousins of cousins that we had never seen; luckily they spoke spanish. They staid at my grandma’s house which is next to my mom’s house.

I saw Carol almost every day but she staid most of the time at her mom’s house. She was in Guatemala for 2 weeks; she feels she did not have enough Guatemala time.

After being in Guatemala for 3 weeks, there were several things that felt weird when I came back to SLC and all of them involve one thing: things are more silent. I never run into traffic in the areas I drive here. And now that I’m working I don’t talk to people all the time. In Guatemala I was talking to family or friends whenever I was awake. I even used the time I spent driving to call friends and organize get-togethers.

Each visit is like a high dose of family and friends. It feels great. It’s nice and also interesting that you don’t feel like family and close friends really change. When they make a significant change in their lives you still know they had that in them a long time ago.

I’m already missing my Guatemalans, hopefully I can be there for 3 weeks the next time I visit.

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